How to Quickly Play Piano

Imagine being able to sit down at the piano and make your own distinctive music without years of study. Now imagine being able to perform it in 1 hour! It’s possible when you learn how to play the open position piano chord!

The OPC is a special way of forming chords in the piano. You use both hands immediately to make a contemporary sounding chord that is perfect for today’s modern styles. It is called”open place” because of the way the notes of the chord have been spread out.

The audio is amazing but this is not the biggest advantage of this specific chord structure. The biggest advantage is that which you can do with it!

Now you have the chord exactly what are you going to do to make music? You will improvise a tune with the right hand with the tones in the C Major scale. music on demand see, all you really need to understand to be able to produce your own music is chords along with the scale that the chords came from.

You want to understand the notes of this scale so it is possible to utilize these to improvise a melody. Now the beauty of the open position chord is that you don’t need to move your hands too much so as to create a melody with. In reality, you can pretty much stay in this chord arrangement and create a gorgeous piece of music.

Reflections in Water uses 4 chords to create a few minutes of music with. A beginner can learn to use this chord arrangement within 1 hour and make music with it. It truly is that easy!

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