Have you been not knowledgeable about the term “lingerie”? Very well, let us get introduced. Lingerie is often considered as female’s undergarments. The word “lingerie” originates from the French term “linga” which implies “linen”. It actually means female’s underwear or perhaps nightclothes in English. In 1922, the term “lingerie” was initially used to refer to undergarments and bras. Though the majority of the lingerie is generally designed for females, these days a number of companies also make lingerie for males.

The pattern of lingerie began through the 19th century. Lady Duff Gordon initiated the way of building and designing it. At the start, female’s undergarments were bulky and large very. Thus, the need was low then. However with the passage of time, the need continues to grow higher and higher. These days, using lingerie has turned into a pattern in new generations. The majority of the females use it as it’s alluring and fashionable to them.


Various kinds of materials are utilized in lingerie undergarments. Materials are used based on buyers need and desire. It makes use of materials that are stretchy, flexible, large or perhaps even beautiful materials as nylon, silk, lace, satin, polyester, Lycra etc. Materials that are flexible and stretchy are usually used. But need for decorative materials can also be high. Silk, nylon, satin etc. are several of the most frequently used beautiful materials.

Market Demand

In the 21st century the lingerie industry identified its turning point. Today, it’s earned a top position in worldwide market share. Besides, modern technological innovation and science has helped a great deal in making modern items like molded T shirt bras as well as laser cut seamless bras. These days, designers are putting a great deal of hard work in producing high searching fabric, laces, embroideries etc. In 2003, the level of worldwide market share was twenty nine dolars billion and in 2005, fifty six % of the lingerie market share was held by bras. Thus, it’s undeniable that the market need is quite high.

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Sizes and categories

Nowadays, you will find various sizes and categories available in the lingerie industry. Various categories as bikini, French maid, Corsage, Corset, Brassiere, Bodysuit, Bloomers, Bed jacket, Basque, baby doll, Chemise etc. can be found.

Not all of the females have similar body size Plus size Lingerie. They’ve various body shapes according to the structure of theirs. Previously, finding various sizes was somewhat tough. This was specifically for females with a plus size body; they’d to face numerous difficulties. But that is not true today. In modern market, there’s a broad range of variety available. You will find online marketplaces and super shops. If somebody hesitates to purchase from shops, they are able to order online. Women are able to do research at home as well as purchase online. It saves both money as well as time.


There are plenty of advantages of using lingerie. The most important types will be discussed . Different persons put it to use for various purposes. Firstly, it helps a female to look more desirable. It’s health benefits too. It’s used to preserve hygiene in individual body parts. It can also help in matters that are private like sexual intercourse.

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