Plus Size Womens Shoes – Look That’s Investing $11 Billion a Year

I constantly hear, “You’re feet don’t look that huge.” I suppose it’s due to the fact that I’m 5′ 8 1/2 and blessed with long legs. Since I put on size 11 shoes, I recognize first hand just how irritating it is to go shopping for shoes. You spot a set of “should riches.” Working up as a lot of hope as you can, you approach the sales staff and silently ask “Do you have this in a dimension 11?” The staff heads to the back only to come out empty handed. Dissatisfaction, anger, envy as well as basic derision for women with smaller feet sweeps over you like a flooding. Just as you’re concerning to leave the door, you hear a woman ask the clerk for the exact same set of shoes in a dimension 8. The following thing you recognize the dimension 8 woman glides by you with her brand-new shoes. Yes, that’s just how the “partner” live. You question if developers and also sellers also know we exist.

Lastly, shoe developers are keeping in mind that women with huge feet want lovely shoes much like their tiny footed sisters. Since I use dimension 11, I can inform you that we don’t mind investing money when it involves acquiring a set of shoes that are the excellent fit and also style. While some suppliers and sellers are still hesitant to satisfy the big women’s shoe market, others recognize there is a real need to supply high quality, trendy shoes for full-footed women. Retailers and also producers that service the $11 billion a year big women’s shoe market recognize there is a great possibility to raise their presence and also profitability.

In the last 15 years there has been a remarkable boost in the size of women’s feet. The women’s plus-size shoe segment of the marketplace has actually been growing at over 10% a year in the last 15 years, while the women’s shoe market has actually been experiencing a price of 1-2% a year. Statistics reveal that 12.3 million women in the US can not find shoes that fit correctly. They’re either also small or too limited which compels many women to search for shoes in the men’s shoe division.

Congratulations to the Internet merchants and also brick & mortar stores that supply fashionable designer shoes in our size. Right here are simply a couple of:

Net Shoe Retailers
6pm. com.
Reception Flip Flops .com.
Shoe Stores.

DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse).
JC Penny’s.
TJ Maxx.

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