Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town (Part One)

Have you ever thought of developing a fresh date with the great white sharks? scuba diving vacation may be mindful that there are particular spots worldwide the place where you can find this endangered species. These white sharks are a treat for the eyes. You are going to be in awe of them in case you are able to have a face to face view.

You could feel whether it is really easy to examine them out and also be close to them. Indeed it’s attainable. One of the areas which could present you with this opportunity is Cape Town in South Africa.

Shark cage diving has become a favorite activity among the travelers in Cape Town. Cape Town is just about the most famous tourist locations that are in Africa. The beaches present in this location are very well known among the travelers as well as the neighborhood occupants.

There are frequently 2 most favored aspects in Cape Town where shark cage diving is done. One is Gansbaai along with the other is Mosselbaai. These 2 destinations are reachable with the help of a drive from the international airport.

You will find two islands of Gansbaai where this activity is practiced. Other than the great white sharks you are able to also participate in whale watching. Gansbaai is a fishing village which also offers terrific opportunities to end up with a closer view of the shark.

You will find people who arrange this kind of trip. Safety is one of the most important stuff in this journey. You’ll be taken in a boat from the island. The boat skipper will likely then help you do down in the water within a cage with the help of an anchor.

After a few minutes you are going to find the white shark looking at you. The sharks are usually an inquisitive animal and also hence they wish to check out what is transpiring. If you are keen on the Cape Town shark cage diving well then you need to see to it you are comfortable in the cage and under the water.

however, additionally you have to keep in mind that you might not be able to see the shark in every journey. This is an adventure of a lifetime which is going to have a good impression in the mind of yours.

The dive master that are in the boat will inform you when the shark is near and will gradually decrease the cage in the water. After you have a face to face particular date with the great white shark he is going to pull you up after which help you step out of it at the same time.

The time period for the dive is about 30 minutes. Several of the companies also offer videographers to take your experience. The best moment to go to Cape Town is from April to September plus July to November.

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