Deciding on the best SEO Tools – A User Review of Rank Tracker, Part of SEO PowerSuite

When you have it, SEO creates a large amount of repetitive work and in case you’re reading this you will most likely know what I’m talking about. As a start up SEO functioning in South Africa with a quickly growing consumer base we’d set up positive systems to look for customers, determine what they need to be ranking for, search for long tail keyword phrases as well as make a report showing the customers present position within the regional Google South Africa search domain name (Google actually dominates in our market).

This was all handled via a blend as well as fit of Excel Spreadsheets, Adobe, Google tools, The like and word Documents. It was extremely quick clear to us that with just four staff members we will be working twenty four hours one day to keep up. Signing our very first deals further placed strain on the clients service edge and have a need to produce ranking accounts and track ranking history… any kind of SEO business bread and butter.

So jumping on websites we evaluated a lot of free as well as trial versions of SEO aids which covered rank checking, again link studies, keyword ideas as well as keyword effectiveness indexing (KEI). Now generally there are excellent free tools around but bringing this completely in program that was automated and flexible doesn’t come free.

We settled on SEO PowerSuite from Link Assistant, expensive but well worth every dollar in case you would like to immediately drive improved work flow and efficiency. The program contains LinkAssistant, SEO SpyGlass, Website Audit and also Rank Tracker. All of the software program is detailed on the site but I will provide you with a quick rundown on Rank Tracker that we use heavily:

Firstly I has an entire (or rather most complete) set of Online search engine worldwide keyword ranking api, vital to us in South Africa, with neighborhood variations of Google, Bing as well as our biggest neighborhood research outfit, Ananzi, closed.
Ranking is very simple to set up; when the target site as well as phrases are loaded there’re a multitude of features offered to fine tune just how the ranking report must run. Just about the most crucial is controlling the pace at what Rank Tracker generates the automatic queries on the search engines; the Human Emulation Settings let the user to delay queries and just how a lot of sequential functions are run. If you’ve already run large ranking reports you will know that the engines just lock you out.
After the standing is performed Search volumes for any regional competition and engines pages are usually just loaded to make the KEI for every keyword; just about all loaded onto an easy, flexible and clear report screen.
After the customer has settled on keywords and you’ve closed the offer, Rank Tracker will keep the historic improvement per key phrase per search engine – an effective tool for reporting to client and also flagging possible problems with keywords.
There’s a keyword suggestion tool integrated and easy ways to re run reports for specific keywords on specific search engines.
Lastly, most of the accumulated info is usually placed right into a professionally formatted report and also produced in pdf with you business logo as well as contact details; most with 1 simply click (very cool!)

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