Ignite Stream Energy Scam Or even Legit – Ignite Review

Ignite Stream Energy Review

It appears that Ignite powered by Stream Energy has been in existence after 2004. It is a network marketing approach to energy deregulation in Texas. Is Ignite Energy cheaper? Better for the earth? Can it be more reliable energy? Is it a pyramid scheme? I was presented with this opportunity since I used to live in Texas. I looked into it extensively and came to determine that Ignite energy isn’t a scam, but it wasn’t for me.

The Company

The electriciy is only for Texas residents so there is without a doubt a market cap or even limit on potential. The Founder and Managing Partner is Chris Domhoff, the guy who was at the head of the Excel company when they went bankrupt in 2004 and everybody in that business venture lost a great deal of money, including quite a lot of my friends. I’m sure that some individuals are content with Ignite powered by Stream Energy, but for these reasons alone I decided it wasn’t for me.

The Energy

The Energy company that they use is called Stream Energy and the sole way you are able to utilize it is to become a part of the network marketing company Ignite. I discovered that they do use some renewable energy but not near almost as most others such as the TXU main Texas energy company does. MMA Streams per “kilowatt hour” (kWh) wasn’t considerably more costly than the ordinary company out there. But since they are a smaller network marketing company, they could possibly go out of business like Excel did after which you would have the headache of trying to scramble in the “dark” to find one more energy company to go with.

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The Business Opportunity

I read on their internet site that it is $299.00 for the starting fee that’s non-refundable after three days. There’s then a $19.95 monthly web fee, just to have the ability to promote the business of theirs for them. This seemed a little silly to me. They’ve levels which are different that you can reach: managing director, executive director, and senior director. But their payout appeared to be really low. If you signup ten people in your first 60 days, you simply get $200. They have a few other payouts as well, just like that a residual income of.50 cents per month for each customer are gotten by you, so you would just get $5/month.

My Conclusion

Stream Energy is not a scam and the Ignite Stream Energy does focus on a product and real customers and not just recruiting people who recruit individuals, and so it is not a pyramid scheme. Even thought the product as well as the business opportunity don’t actually compare to the competition these days, so it did not interest me, it appears to be a legitimate network marketing business.

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