Limit Ammunition to be able to Control Hand Guns

Limit Ammunition In order to Control Hand Guns

April thirty, 1975

Those who’d ban hand guns could consider the old riddle: “Which comes first, the egg?” or the chicken

Some cities have adopted legislation prohibiting the, revolvers, and pistols so-called “Saturday Night Specials” in a effort to halt the soaring crime rate.

Thus far, the effort and hard work is like trying to empty the ocean with a tea spoon. The second town over has for sale cheap weapons, and no questions asked.

Congress, thus, seems about set consider the controversial proposal seriously. Obviously just a nation-wide ban has any chance to be efficient.

I support hand gun legislation, but oppose initiatives to curtail shoulder guns.

Pocket guns, capable of becoming concealed, are short range weapons of vengeance and also shock. Rifles, nonetheless, are carried openly. They are useful for defense and sport against armies of invasion.

Gun control is impractical just due to the ease with what hand guns may be built, moved and concealed.

That brings us with regard to the chicken & egg puzzle.

Just 3 years in the past in this column, I recommended we give up looking to minimize the gun and approach the problem through the considerably more susceptible route of ammunition.

Gun control advocates dismissed the idea as “simplistic.” The late Congressman Frank Bow circulated the column to a couple of gun control legislators but got an indifferent reaction.

SPRINGFIELD ARMORY PISTOLS comes an Illinois citizens’ group referred to as the Committee for Handgun Control, Inc., which in turn is seeking to force the US. Government to prohibit the sale of hand gun ammunition as a way of dealing with affordable hand guns.

The group has petitioned the new federal Consumer Product Safety Commission to ban ammunition on grounds it is dangerous, and that the commission has jurisdiction over risky substances.

This is the hand gun committee’s second effort to just make the commission. A year ago the commission ruled that banning ammunition would amount to a “back door” ban on hand guns, a direct violation of law that will established the commission.

Nonetheless the hand gun committee has won a court suit requiring the commission to reconsider, which it is at present doing.

2 weeks ago the product safety commission asked everyone to comment on the proposal to ban ammunition. “Several hundred thousand” replies have flooded in.

Sooner or later, the U.S. Supreme Court might determine the issue.

While hand guns might be manufactured as well as smuggled easily, the production of bullet-quality gunpowder calls for highly developed technology.

In addition, the manufacture of a shell casing requires a sizable, expensive, highly accurate stamping press. Just a very few facilities, in the United States are capable of making primer shells which sportsmen in some cases fill with commercially manufactured gunpowder.

Basically, one can find only a few sources of supply for powder & shells. The source ought to be fairly simple to regulate.

Cut as a result of source of ammunition, and also hand guns will rust into quaint souvenirs.

Rifle-calibre ammunition might continue to be made available readily in hardware and sports markets.

Revolver-calibre cartridges, nevertheless, could be supplied only to the military as well as law enforcement authorities. All those with a genuine requirement for revolver shells for their freely owned – but registered – hand guns will want to get hold of them from the authorities after positive identification and finger printing. Purchases could be constrained to 5 shells, and therefore empty shells are returned for replacement.

Thus, those citizens really needing a hand gun for protection or other legitimate needs wouldn’t be denied an “equalizer”.

Criminals, of course, would still obtain both pistols and ammunition from abroad or even from other criminal sources. Nonetheless, we must attempt to deal with hand guns SENSIBLY still if the odds are as powerless as they seem to be.

In controlling hand guns we should be cautious that we don’t simply disarm the citizen while leaving weapons in the hands of gangsters.

Furthermore, we must not abrogate our constitutional right to “keep and bear arms.” the way the planet is going these days, this right may not be as obsolete and academic as the gun control buffs will have us believe.

Ammunition is the weak link in the chain of fire arm use. Break it and we stop wanton shooting by citizens as well as criminal alike.

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