Simple Considerations in Granite Countertop Installation

When you’ve made the choice to have flooring or granite countertops bundled in your home’s decoration, you might be a bit worried about what you should expect during the set up process. All things considered, this’s a huge investment in the home of yours and also you wish to know you’ve made a great decision. Assuming you’ve hired an experienced granite installation business then you are able to rest assured your finished floor or perhaps countertops will be everything that you imagined.

Nevertheless, although you know you’ve done the research of yours in the selection of the installer as well as the granite, you might still have a number of concerns. In order to put the mind of yours at ease, the following are some reassurances as In order to the durability as well as strength of granite.

Installation Considerations of Granite

Granite countertops are among the most difficult surfaces you are able to use in the house of yours, however, they’re much easier for your medicine cabinet to help than the mass of the typical individual standing on the countertop.

Granite countertops are measured similar way as every other countertop in the home of yours; however, they can’t be assessed until the cabinet Granite Countertop Installers Near Me below is fitted. Also, make sure that the fabricator who’s using them does the measuring.

Make sure that you/the installer leaves a lot of period for the task to be completed. Generally it takes three to four weeks from the particular date that the measurements had been made. If you have some issues in the program of set up, this period will be longer.

Granite slabs are generally sold in ten feet rectangular areas, so it’s very common to have no less than one seam. Additionally, making use of an “L” shape isn’t unusual as it’s cheaper and is most effective for corners. When feasible, seams in bath room countertops will likely be at the sink bowl therefore the seam is less apparent. Granite may, or might not, be placed on top of plywood, it’s as much as the installer to decide whether it could be done based on the unique situation of yours.


There are many items to keep in your mind about granite seeming. All things considered, they’re part of the general look and can contribute to the character and attractiveness of the completed product.

Seams are usually made on a straight edge and sealed with a little bead of silicone. The silicone bead is going to be between 1/16 plus 1/8 of an inch.

Granite slabs differ in thickness so to avoid an irregular seam, installers utilize shims on the underside of the top part to deliver the top surface flush. This’s a regular component of the installation process, therefore don’t panic in case you eventually recognize shims, should you choose to view a part of the installation process.

It’s a standard practice to get some sort of backsplash when experiencing granite countertops. Generally, the backsplash is no less than 4 inches tall, although it can be higher in case you like.

Most granite countertops are going to have an overhang of one inch, but this could be customized if desired.

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