The Significance of Social Media Marketing

Internet Marketing – Social Media Helps Small Firms Connect With Customers

A recent post about online marketing trends has special significance for Toronto small and medium business owners. Geared towards
small businesses, the post talked about some of the emerging trends for 2009 in Internet advertising.

A few points in this article caught my attention, and they all revolve round the latest topic in Internet marketing now: social
networking. Social media marketing is especially important to small companies because it’s relatively simple to implement and as
it’s affordable.

When you think about the challenges that most Toronto entrepreneurs face in getting noticed in a crowded business arena, social
networking marketing is a trend worth pursuing.

The Top Trends in Internet Marketing

Off the top, the article talks about recession advertising and the need to find affordable choices. The next point expects a real
boom in the amount of small businesses using Internet marketing. And why don’t you? It’s accessible and reasonably priced.

As I mentioned earlier, the true interest for me came from the article’s points about social media.

o Blogging. SN notes that there are few barriers to prevent a business from starting a blog. I concur. Blogging is easy and it is
free, save the time needed to write each article. Blogging is a great way to build links to your institution’s website. You can
use a blog to convey the most recent news about your organization, or to share news related to your enterprise. You might even use
it to create some publicity. Controversy sells. If your company can handle the heat, try writing some thought-provoking posts
which will draw traffic to your site. You can definitely localize your site too. Concentrate on happenings in Toronto to draw
business from across the city.

o Relationship Marketing. In 2009, based on SN, more companies will “proceed towards a relationship-building model with their
customers” And I think they are correct. In the current economy, there’ll be fewer people seeking to spend money, as SN notes, so
it will be crucial for the company to construct loyalty by making relationships with clients. In the world of online marketing,
this connection can take the kind of a Facebook page, a site with timely responses, or a Twitter account. These marketing options
allow you to create a character for your business and develop a picture as a forward-thinking and responsive company.

O Client Voice. SN considers that customers need a voice in your small business. People really like to give comments. Social Media Managers For Hire In Nigeria are able
to give them a opportunity to communicate directly with you through a Twitter or blog account, two of the easiest social
networking marketing choices around.

O Social Marketing. This is the expression that SN utilizes in its article to refer to social websites. The point is somewhat
redundant, since the article also cites things such as blogging and relationship marketing everywhere. If you are among these, it
may pay to talk with an online marketing consultant or conduct your own research to how social media marketing can help you.

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